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Visual Market Analysis eBook

Learn the most effective real estate farming technique with this free eBook, exclusive to 2nd Home Agents!


2019 Goals Workbook

Goal Setting Worksheet for 2019. As 2019 comes upon us, I hope we can all embrace the opportunity to CHANGE or TRANSFORM as this market is in a bit of flux. The industry is redefining the parameters of a normal business model and technology is forcing all industries to re-invent themselves, including real estate. As our clients are now coming from the new generations, we will need to understand how they expect business to be done or we very well may miss the new markets. By all means you can continue to do things the way you did it last year or 5 years ago or even 10 years ago and you may be fine. You may be thinking Maui is a unique market it’s different here, but think about your business over the past year…the past 5 years and for those of us that have been around for 10 or more years think about how our business model has transformed. As you plan your goals for the next year start with reflecting on what you did last year. What worked but more importantly what did not work. Embrace the techniques and behaviors that continue to work, but be aware of new opportunities that are starting to change our industry. Explore the possibilities that may work for you and implement new techniques and strategies to continue to be relevant.


Cole Realty Resource

Cole Resources has a very clear goal: to help you find email and telephone information simply by uploading an address database. Not only is it easy, but it can be a fantastic resource for Resort and 2nd Home Realtors. With Cole Resources, you are able to take an area that you may already be marketing to with mailers, and extend into ultra-direct digital marketing. With phone numbers and email addresses, you can target your ads directly to individuals associated with that information online. Not only that, but you can also use tools like Sly Broadcast to blanket dial the numbers you uncover, and leave a personal voicemail to these new contacts. This is just a scratch at the surface of the possibilities that come with data mining through Cole Resources, but don’t just take our word for it! Go ahead and sign up for a trial run of the program exclusively for 2nd Home Agents members, and see for yourself:


The Nickel Tour

What is a “Nickel Tour”, you might ask? While in our experience of buying and selling real estate in the Maui resort market, most buyers and visitors are not really sure which properties are which and what amenities they offer, but most importantly what the prices are for the various complexes and neighborhoods. Enter the Nickel Tour.


Vlog Like A Boss

This book is a fantastic resource when getting your vlog or podcast idea into full formation. When creating the concept behind Selling the Dream, Tom had great success by reading, analyzing, and employing the steps and tools laid out in this book.


Podcast Launch

Once you’ve started getting your podcast concept in order, it’s time to do the behind-the scenes work. This book is very useful, and gives great insight into how to handle the initial roll-out of your show, maintain it, and understand the more technical side of what happens in order to get your podcast off the ground.


We’re Stealing Your Clients

With this e-book, learn not only the power of referrals, but also specifics tactics on how to maximize your opportunity for referral income in traditional, second home, and investment markets.


So, You Want To Start A Podcast?

Without any previous knowledge, the idea of starting a podcast can seem daunting. We’re here to clear that up for you! It’s a lot simpler than it seems, and by following the easy steps laid out in this e-booklet, you can gain a better understanding of how to start the podcast project you have always dreamed of.