3 Spokes to Add to Your Money Wheel

Pillars of success help us to be better in our business. These are the core tenets that we live by, and they define how to run our business. One of my pillars is a money wheel.

What is a money wheel?

Imagine that you’re trying to move forward, on a bike or a car. But your wheel doesn’t have many spokes on it! You may move forward, but it won’t be fast. It will be uncomfortable. And it sure won’t be easy.

In regards to a money wheel, these spokes stand for sources of income, and they are what makes me move faster towards my ultimate income goals. The more spokes that I add to that wheel, the faster I move towards that goal.

Most people only have one or two, maybe as many as four spokes in that money wheel.

Adding those different spokes, and increasing those opportunities will help you move faster towards the income – and the dream – that you want!

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Network and Connect With People

A lot of my strategies that I share have networking at the core. But are you surprised?

The power of networking can explode your business: it increases referrals, and brings in new business.

You can’t sit back and hope for people to just come to you. You have to be out there finding them and attracting them to you. You also can’t keep going to the same events over and over, hoping to meet new people. You have to diversify, and find new places, and new people!

Here are just a few ideas of places to meet new people:

  • Happy Hour Mixers
  • Chamber of Commerce Events
  • Yacht Club (or some kind of social club)

New places will bring you opportunities to connect with new potential leads.


Try “New” Strategies

Where are others focusing? Have you checked your email lately?

It’s probably full of hundreds of emails from realtors, looking for their own leads.

How many pieces of mail in your mailbox? I’d personally rather compete with that!

Yes – it costs money! But it’s the less competitive space. Others don’t want to spend that money, so there’s less competition.

Just because everyone else is doing a lead generation method doesn’t mean that you need to do the exact same thing. In fact, you may see more success when you try something that is different from what everyone else is doing: it will make you stand out!


Create a Podcast

Have you ever thought about creating content to serve your clientele or team?

Podcasting is rapidly growing right now, and it’s easy to see why.

These on-demand free trainings give you the chance to take space in the headphones of your ideal clientele.

Instead of saying the same thing, over and over, you’re able to connect people with your podcast content. You can also listen to what people are asking: if you hear the same question a lot, that might mean it’s time to record an episode, answering that exact question!

Best part? Episodes can be recorded on your time, and others can listen to them as they are available!

It’s a win-win for everybody!


In Conclusion

Want to hear all 33 items that I have on the list? This is just a small taste of the opportunity that awaits you! Make sure you listen to the full episode. Once you start implementing these spokes to your money wheel, you’ll start to watch your business grow.

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