Chris Smith Shares How to Market Effectively to Your Audience

How do you market?

Do you post on social media, and hope for the best? Are you trying to connect with your audience, wondering exactly where they are, and how you can connect with them?

But are likes lagging, and does your content feel like it’s falling short?

Or is your social media targeted and effective, with content that turns heads and brings in leads?

Marketing is an art and a science, all rolled into one! 

You can create content for your audience, and I totally recommend that you do that! But combine relatable content with a solid marketing strategy, and you’ll begin to see next-level results as you’re connecting with your audience!

This week on the Selling the Dream podcast, I’m talking to Chris Smith, the co-founder of Curaytor and the co-author of Peoplework. He has been paid to speak 100’s of times on the topics of lead generation, Facebook Advertising, Lead Conversion, CRM, email marketing and customer service. 

I met Chris at a networking event, and just absolutely thought the world of him! We’ve stayed in touch since then, and I had to invite him to be on this week’s episode of the Selling the Dream podcast! We talk about marketing, and how you can grow your business and connect with your clients even during a downturn in the economy!  

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