Creating a Luxury Sales Experience Without Zillow,

Do you feel like you rely on data in your business?


Zillow,, MLS – all those places are invaluable sources of data that can drive your business and help you make decisions.


But what happens if you don’t have any of that data: how do you sell then? 


There’s a lot that you can do: but the key is to commit to your lifestyle, and serving your clients and leads with the highest level of integrity.


Sometimes that means that you give them information that means they don’t purchase from you. That also means that you’re helping them make “non-intoxicated” decisions: making sure they aren’t “under the influence” of their love for an area, and unable to make smart decisions.


In the luxury market, you’re not making a one time sale. You’re serving a client who will become a lead generation machine. You’re making a customer for life. They learn to trust YOU as their guide through the process.


People have learned that they can trust what I have to say about Maui – I have jumped into that Aloha life, and eat, breathe, and sleep it. I’ve almost always got on a Hawaiian shirt, and I’m here to help them find the BEST place!


So jump in, because you’re truly selling the dream!


If you’re interested in hearing more about how Scott Cutter has paved the way for real estate agents in Costa Rica, make sure you listen to this episode of the Selling the Dream podcast. 


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Highlights of this episode:


  • Tom introduces Scott Cutter and his business.
  • Scott sells real estate in Costa Rica, where there isn’t a Zillow database; no MLS!
  • They’ve created their own data feed for their clients.
  • Data can be good and bad: data often makes your clients and leads feel like experts already, and make them feel like they don’t need YOU to be their guide.
  • How does Scott work without MLS? He’s started a network of realtors working in Costa Rica, and they promote each other’s listings.
  • Lifestyle marketing is key in a resort market. 
  • Remember, there is a lot of mediocrity out there: establish a reputation of being someone who will always do the right thing.
  • When you are committed to helping your clients make the right choice – even if it means not buying with you – you’ll win in the long run!
  • Your job is to help clients get past the initial feelings they have for the area and choose the absolute best place for them that serves their lifestyle. They don’t want to make “intoxicated” decisions.
  • “You’re not making a customer for one sale: you’re making a customer for life and creating a referral source.”
  • Don’t sell, sell, sell: instead, listen, listen, listen!
  • When you decide to use technology, commit to it. Give it time to work. Results can take time.
  • One key to selling in resort markets is truly selling the dream: sell the lifestyle. 
  • Don’t be afraid to make “real life” videos: know what your market will respond to. It can’t always be professionally produced videos.
  • Looking for the magic silver bullet that will help your business grow? There is no magic silver bullet! It just takes time, and staying true to your values and serving your clients at your very best.
  • When working in the luxury market, remember that you provide multiple layers of value.
  • You’re not just someone who got lucky and met the rich guy buying a house: if you’re successful in the second home/luxury market, it’s because you worked hard and treated your business like a business.
  • To be successful in your market, eat, breathe, sleep and LIVE your lifestyle. Embrace it, whether it be ALOHA or Pura Vida! Own it.
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