Lyndsey Garza Finds Opportunity in Adversity

Have you ever looked at an aspect of real estate, and thought, “I’ll never do that!”

Maybe it was rentals, or certain locations. Maybe you didn’t want to sell condos, or houses in the suburbs. Whatever it was, you knew that you wanted to do anything but that!

For Lyndsey Garza, it was vacation rentals.

Or at least, she’d never wanted to do vacation rentals, until one day, she found herself unemployed, with the opportunity right in front of her to dive in and start managing vacation rentals.

Lyndsey and her late husband started working the rental market in Galveston, Texas. At their peak, they were managing at least 60 properties!

Over the course of several years, Lyndsey put her head down and did the work. She invested in tech to help herself be one of the first people using a website to book vacation rentals in the area.

She was so busy that she realized that she wasn’t even able to sell real estate anymore!

Eventually, her company was bought out, but I’ll let her tell you the story!

You’ll be inspired by her story, from being a leader in managing rentals to selling to second home buyers in Texas! If you’ve ever wondered how to look for opportunity, you’re going to be inspired by her story!

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