Matt Farnham Teaches Logistics of Running a Successful Team

Are you offering value to a lot of people? Are you sharing that value with the people around you?

Sharing value was something that Matt Farnham fell in love with. He wanted to give back to others for all the information that had been given to him!

Team was a logical step for Matt Farnham. See, Matt was creating value for agents! 

He wasn’t looking to grow his own team, he was simply churning out content and providing value for other real estate agents!

If you gave him your business card, he’d connect with you, and bring you as much value as he could! 

Through his email list, videos, and social media posts, Matt is able to impact thousands of agents, helping them learn how to be exceptional at their work! 

It’s only natural then, that Matt would be part of a high performing team! 

I’m excited to sit down and talk to Matt today about the logistics of running a team, how he creates valuable content, and his advice to new agents considering the real estate business! 

You won’t want to miss this week’s episode of the Selling the Dream podcast!

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