Maximize Your Database: October Mastermind Meeting Replay

Where do the majority of your leads come from?


Are they cold leads, or referrals? Are they coming from other agents in your feeder market? Are they from friends and family?


What if you had a database that brought in most of your business? That would be amazing, right?  Imagine not having to go out and chase new leads, but being the “go to” real estate for your area. 


That’s reality for Alan and Betsy Thompson, the leaders of this month’s Selling the Dream mastermind meeting. Every month, we hold a virtual mastermind meeting, and have been excited to share the recording of the meeting on the podcast!


You may remember this month’s moderator, Alan Thompson, from episode 93, when we talked to him about how he gets his business from his database. We had to bring him to the mastermind meeting so that people could ask their burning questions.


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If you’re interested in hearing more about how Alan and Betsy compiled their database and turned it into a lead generating machine, make sure you listen to this episode of the Selling the Dream podcast. 


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Highlights of this episode:


  • Tom introduces welcomes everyone to the Mastermind, and introduces Alan, the leader of the October meeting.
  • Theme of the meeting: maximizing your database.
  • Alan shares his history, and how he got into real estate. 
  • Alan had stepped away from his original real estate job, and took a break. When he came back, he decided he was going to do it differently.
  • Betsy and Alan sat down and went through their connections, and made a database of all their connections. 
  • They went deep in the data: from ages, occupations, favorite sports teams and hobbies. Alan and Betsy know their database!
  • It took 4 months to compile that database.
  • When putting together your database, make sure that you have a name and at least one connection point.
  • The hardest thing was staying with their model. Alan and Betsy had decided that they wanted to work the relationship and database angle, so when they started, they had to stay laser focused.
  • By October 2019, they have done more than 200 transactions using their database.
  • “There’s no one in our database that we don’t know.” ~ Alan Thompson
  • It’s ok to focus on the numbers: that data helps you make smart decisions.
  • As Alan and Betsy have continued, they are digging deeper, and really focusing on one zip code.
  • Why all those datapoints? So you can connect meaningfully. If their favorite sports team won a game, you can email them and congratulate them!
  • It’s your lucky day! Alan and Betsy send handwritten birthday cards every month, with a scratch off lottery ticket inside.
  • When you go to networking events, take a ziploc bag with you and collect all the business cards into one bag so you can remember the connections you made at the event.
  • Alan breaks down how his team works: how many people are on the team, and what they do.
  • Coaching is key, and puts you in a higher “ecosystem.”
  • Make sure that you’re present, and connecting with people. Say happy birthday, notice their life events.
  • Alan and Betsy make Boomerang videos of their clients with their new homes: now, people are excited to get to have their own Boomerang after they close on their house!
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