Tammy Pack Takes Over the Vacation Home, Vacation Rental Market

Have you ever considered getting into the vacation home market?

Imagine living in a town of 10,000, and having more than 2 million visitors per year!

Sounds like the right kind of investment for a savvy homeowner who wants to work in vacation rentals. But how do you get into that market?

As many of us are serving second home buyers, they may be looking to purchase investment homes, wanting to add another spoke to their personal money wheel. Learning how to navigate a vacation home market, or a high volume vacation rental market will help you meet their needs at a higher level.

Today, Tammy Pack is here on the podcast to talk about her experiences working in the vacation rental industry, especially in a high volume tourist industry. Her deep knowledge will inspire you on how you can view investment rentals, and serve your clients who are looking for another potential stream of revenue.

Her mastery of social media and deep industry knowledge makes her a vacation market expert, and I’m excited for you to learn from her.

Highlights of this episode:

  • Tom introduces Tammy, her area of expertise, and how she got into real estate.
  • She chose to live and work in Fredericksburg, Texas – a town of 10,000 that gets around 2 million tourists per year!
  • Tammy got started in tourism real estate when they invested money into their home and loved the results.
  • At one point, Tammy owned 25 units and rented them out to vacationers!
  • She learned the main points: have a great website, and have great photos.
  • From there, Tammy just grew and grew, and the logical next step was obtaining her real estate license. She wanted it for her own real estate investments, but soon realized that she was spending at least 8 hours a week helping others with the business aspect.
  • When she started selling to others and helping them, she quickly became the #1 real estate agent in the area.
  • Figuring out the “sweet spot” in your market is important: don’t price too low or too high!
  • Tammy has a team that works together, a lot like a brokerage. They spend floor time together, working on leads. They’ve built community, and work well together.
  • Sometimes, going “over the top” is going to get attention: that’s just how Tammy is, and it works for her!
  • Connecting and engaging on social media, especially Facebook, has earned Tammy quite a following.
  • Invest in yourself from day 1 – people will notice.
  • Know your progress: if you don’t know your numbers, you can’t score yourself.
  • Workflow, workflow, workflow! It will save you so much time!
  • By producing quality content, Tammy’s team was able to more than double their following in a matter of a day! Viral content is HUGE for growing your audience.
  • If you’re in a resort market, get websites for the area! Create content that helps others, and get your name out there.
  • It’s hard in the beginning to get all that stuff in place because you don’t always start with cash flow: but it brings results!
  • Experience as a consumer will help you so much as you work in new and different markets: that’s been a key to Tammy’s success.

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