Avi Becker Shows How to Kick Start Your Real Estate Career

Do you ever think about the early days of your real estate career?

How old were you? How long did it take your first sale? 

How did you prove yourself to your clients and leads?

I remember those days! When I first started working in real estate, I actually gave up, chased something else for a while, and then came back a few years later!

It’s always exciting to talk to agents who are just starting out, and hear how they are ready to take over the world! 

They’re excited, motivated, and ready to win! 

Avi Becker stands out: he’s only 24, and already making great strides! 

“I may not be the best,” he says, “but I can outwork anyone.” After going nearly a year with only one sale, he’s finally starting to gain some momentum. 

His keys to success? Coaching, and always pushing to work harder, be better, and improve himself! His work to make himself the best he can be is an inspiration! 

Instead of bringing in a veteran agent for this episode of the Selling the Dream podcast, we’re bringing in Avi Becker! He’s brand new to the market in Santa Barbara, and making waves in his first year! Learn more about how he broke into the real estate market, how long it took for him to start finding his stride, and his keys to success!

Ready to be inspired? You won’t want to miss this week’s episode of the Selling the Dream podcast!

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