Ben Belack Shares How Become the Known Entity

Have you ever looked at other real estate agents and wondered how they were getting the sales numbers that they have? 

Sometimes, you see that you’re doing the exact same things:

  • Open houses
  • Direct marketing
  • Advertising

But there’s just something about them that is skyrocketing their sales! 

Every wonder what that key difference is? They are known.

When you are known in your market, you’re going to be the person that people call. You’re going to be the one that they want to work with. You’re the one that they have connected with – sometimes without ever even meeting you!

How can you do that? 

It’s all about how you network with people, and build your reputation. Take time to create relatable content that wins people over and makes them feel like they know you, like you, and trust you.

You don’t have to be the smartest real estate agent ever: you have to be known!

This week on the Selling the Dream podcast, I’m talking to Ben Belack about his key to success: being known! If you’re ready to explode your market and be the top choice in your area, you won’t want to miss this week’s episode of the Selling the Dream podcast!

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