Sharran Srivatsaa Shares How to Create Valuable Connections

What is it like when you create connections? 

How are you connecting with your feeder markets, and those who may be interested in real estate in your area?

We all know that if you immediately start selling to your leads, that’s not going to work! 

But if you give them the inside scoop, and help them feel like a true VIP, you’ll find that you build a strong community, full of connections. In fact, you may not even need to market ever again! 

Taking the time to build those connections and help people feel like they are a true insider, and part of a community, will help you serve your clients on a higher level! 

That’s the mantra of Sharran Srivatsaa, whose mission is to defend and advocate for real estate agents. His goal is to help agents create raving fans, not just “sell.”

You’ll be inspired by his story, and how he went from driven to bed-ridden, and what amazing habits and activities helped him recover and build a successful business! Hint: it has to do with creating connections!

This week on the Selling the Dream podcast, we’re digging into the archives and bring up some favorite episodes of the podcast! If you’re ready to dig into what really will make an impact in your business, you won’t want to miss this week’s episode of the Selling the Dream podcast!

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