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Hey everybody, welcome

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to our new series, reoccurring dreams on Selling the Dream podcast. You know, we’ve been doing the show for over 200 episodes. And what I’ve realized is there are some amazing shows that are so far back that you’ve may not have listened to him if you haven’t been with us for a while. So, today I want to bring back Sharon sebata. And let you hear one of the most amazing interviews I did about just how to be a force in your market. So here’s Sean, welcome to Selling the Dream, a podcast created for and by second home and resort realtors on Tom Tezak. And each week my goal is to bring you a quick real estate tip along with an infopath interview with an industry Rockstar. My mission is to bring you the cutting edge marketing tried and true sales and information about the latest technologies. Thanks for tuning in. And remember we’re not selling real estate

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Hey everybody, Tom t Zach with Selling the Dream at Second Home Agents and today I am so excited. It is our 100th show and Sharon servi stuff has been willing to come on and just share with us all of his knowledge. Ron is an amazing member of the real estate community. He has running a great company called Kingston lane. He took tell us real estate to through the roof and then sold it. He has done so many things in his life that I am. I don’t know, it’s going to be a seven hour show. I think so.

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Sharran, welcome, Tom. I can’t I can’t thank you enough for having me. And I just want to say a lot of people have no idea how hard it is to put a show together, get people on, get them inspired and put the great knowledge out there. It’s a lot of effort and a lot of commitment on your part and want to thank you for doing that and just giving back freely to the community. So thank you for having me.

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So you bet, Sharran, I just it’s been a lot of fun. You’re right. And it’s been I’ve learned so much from all the guests I’ve had and I’m looking forward Today I’ve spent some time with Sharon in a mastermind group that was truly amazing without without exaggeration and not just to blow smoke up your butt here strong but that two day event that we went to that I was with you and it was by far the most mind bending, overwhelming, positive powerful thing that I’ve ever been to so thank you and that was through your company, Kingston lane. So let’s start right off with that tell us you know you’ve done a lot of things in your life and but right now you’re doing Kingston lane so yeah, everybody what and this is not a sales pitch. This is just Yeah,

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yeah, of course. This is what

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is what is Kingston lane doing that’s different. That it made me say Holy smokes.

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Yeah, yeah, totally. Well, first, thank you. I think next time anyone we do a mastermind people should keep on and this is one of my favorite things to do is to bring great people together and facilitate amazing conversation. So the entire idea for Kingston lane actually started when I was building and growing this business called TELUS properties. We took it from close to 35 agents in one office in Beverly Hills to over 600 agents and 22 offices across the coast of California. We did you know, close to three 2.5 billion in close sales, the year that we were acquired. And by Douglas, Elliman and Tom I found something, which I think that is and I say this with a lot of a lot of care and humility, the issue that most I was wondering what I was gonna do after So the issue that most folks are thinking about is okay, I have, I know this problem that agents have and I’m going to build a product to solve that problem. Or Heck, you know what, I have this great bass I’m going to start coaching or I’m going to everybody is looking at it as How can I build a business model to actually monetize in some way which is fine and I appreciate that I’ll give you the behind the scenes of what we did for the last year Kingston lane for the last year Kingsland, I just invested my money to figure out what people want. Like I essentially said, like what is important for the community and Tom, all that is grounded in is to do two things. It is to defend and be an advocate for real estate agents. And I honestly will tell you this to defend and be an advocate for real estate, I wake up every single morning and say, How can I defend and be an advocate for real estate agents? The funny part is, I don’t need to build another company. I’m good, right? And I mean that in a very, in a very gracious way. And tell you what that means. That what that means is I believe that real estate agents get in the business for two big reasons. One is they want freedom of time. They’re like, Hey, you know what they want freedom of time. And the second is they want uncapped income potential. Those are the two core reasons right like you freedom of time, and uncapped income potential. The problem is to do that they want to do it in their core skill set, which is, hey, I want to be a great salesperson. I want to actually talk to people I want to get the deals done, but no one actually has built a machine To allow them to do those two things, which is get flicked freedom of time and uncapped income potential. So my entire kind of this one year multi million dollar investment journey that I just that I wrote a check for was how can I build a machine that would support giving people freedom of time and uncapped income potential and Tom that was that’s what we built a Kings Lane, which is we’re in the iteration of that it is a company called the Kingston lane machine. And the entire idea is, Hey, can I press a button, have a bunch of leads get generated? I should not have to talk to them. They should auto nurture for life. And as and when Kenny is ready, Kenny should raise his hand. And Tom should have a conversation. like Tom shouldn’t do anything. There’s no speed to lead. There’s no call text email, like the call text email. The reason we do call text email is because we don’t have lifetime nurture. That’s the reason we call text email, and call text email. Like, if someone calls me texts me and emails me at the same time. I actually am concerned i think that i think it’s a call from my son’s school that If something goes wrong, right, like I, I don’t even respond to the call from my wife like, why would I respond to a call and text in an email after we are doing things that we don’t we would never do to our grandma. And I think that’s unfair. So my philosophical approach on the world is, how do I defend and be an advocate for agents? And how do I give them the dream that they originally had, which was, you know, freedom of time and uncapped income potential, and I think every single agent should turn on the Kingston lane machine and have it work for them and see if it can drive that dream.

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You know, and I think that’s, it’s so important. There’s so many different platforms and profile or programs out there and finding the one that works for you. And I love the fact that you can nurture we’ve got as an agent, as you evolve in this business, you’ve get more and more contacts that should become leads and you’re right, most of them don’t really want to talk to you until until they’re ready and when they raise their hand. That’s when you want them to say, hey, come talk to me. Right and having that nurture that lifetime. tribe have been a big fan of that. I say never take anybody off my list. I don’t bug them. But I just keep letting them know that I’m alive. And so Kingston lane has is taken that to a much greater level in the way that you’re communicating with them. And viewer nurture. So tell us a little bit more about the background behind how you what Kingston lanes program is doing to be that an invasive? Yeah, yeah, yeah, for your realtor.

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So totally, the idea is right. What people generally do is they say, there is only one way to stay in touch with somebody call them. Like, Hey, have you made your calls today? Well, we know in today’s world, no one wants to, no one wants to talk to us. Like they don’t want to pick up the phone. Like when my wife calls me, I text her back, right? Like no one wants to talk to us. So I think there’s an opportunity where I call it the be everywhere strategy, everyone One says and Tom and I’ll give it you philosophically and mechanically. And I want to you know, be super respectful because this is just a no sales for anything which is be everywhere is really important because we all have heard know like and trust right hey they got to know you then they got to like you then they got to trust you, but no one tells you how to do know like and trust. I’m sick and tired of the gurus and the talking heads in our industry talking about stuff that they have never done before. Like what the heck is know like and trust. If I told an agent, hey, you need to you know, take a lead and make them and know like and trust you What does that mean? It doesn’t mean anything, right? No like and trust. What it means is you the fastest way to trust is familiarity. The fastest way to trust is familiarity. And I’d love and I want to I want to say this because I think it’ll dive right into kind of the second home market and the agents that a lot that you serve and that you want to reach is people think I got to send this great content I got to have this beautiful piece the answers Really simple cadence wins. So, if someone I send somebody an email, it is not property based because I am not trying to sell a pair of shoes. This is not like I go to Zappos and they force register me. And then they keep following me around with Adidas like That’s not the problem here like dynamic retargeting and things like that, that we see are ridiculous. Like, I don’t want to see more homes. I know what I want you force registered me on the wrong home, because I couldn’t get in on the first search. And now you’re showing me crap because your algorithm sucks. So interestingly, what I what I say is, hey, listen, we got to we got to have the email touches. We got to have maybe some, you know, some text message touches, and we got to have social touches, and we got to have full time retargeting and like, wherever you go, you need to see Tom Tezak wherever you go, and it should happen on autopilot because what happens is familiarity. Tom builds trust when doesn’t hold know like and trust thing is you need to put know like and trust on autopilot. You need to Once you have familiarity, start to building trust, then as soon as you think real estate, you think, Tom teaser, and that’s that’s what needs to happen. And the only way to do that is to do it on autopilot. There is nobody that can do that manually, because you just don’t have the capability for it. And and, Tom, the craziest part is, it’s even more important when you’re serving a second home market when you’re not

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there. Oh my gosh, it’s that’s the tough part. And that’s, you know, that’s why we’re always searching for the way to touch this market. That’s, you know, it’s not like we’re going to a neighborhood, we’ve got clients all over the world, you know, that we have our feeder markets, but so how do we how do these agents what’s your solution or your idea on how this Second Home Agents going to be able to get in the space or the face of those consumers that are owners or thinking of being owners in that resort or downtown market? Yeah,

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yeah, totally. So the first thing right, is you the faster we can Get them to becoming an insider of Tom, the better. And we’ve got to use, like in case land use this concept of a VIP list. The if you know, Tom that most people that are flying in and buying homes on Maui are from Vancouver, for example, right just with the idea. The the idea would be the person in Vancouver is actually not saying let me go look for homes in Maui. That’s not what they’re searching for. What they’re searching for is, Hey, I just want to be like, how do I get this insider scoop on the island? That’s what they’re thinking. The fastest way for a second home market agent to build a huge base is to build a VIP list and the entire idea is this Tom? Hey, it’s a it’s a add or post and you tag, you know, the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and you’re saying it you don’t even have to pay for it. And you’re saying hey, listen, my name is Tom Tezak. And if you’ve ever considered living on Maui, you should never look for homes on Maui. What you should do is you should know what the locals and the locals do. I have realized that my VIP list is for my private clients only. And I want them to know the inside scoop on what’s happening in Maui. Real estate and the policies that are affecting what it means to live on this island have a home on sound if you want to be a part of the list, subscribe below. And all you’re doing Tom is once a week you’re sending them one blurb. It’s either a pocket a buyer, a property a change in the island, hey, lower road is closed, whatever. Right? Right. And and now they start to get familiarity with the island through you. Right. And but the key part there is every I’m picking a date every Wednesday at 2:30pm. If that email doesn’t go out, you’ve lost cadence. And that familiar? Yeah, important. Yeah, super important. And once they have that, right, that now you’re in their inbox every week, which means they’ve given you permission to be in their inbox every week, which means they’re seeing something that they can’t find out. Conceptually speaking, they can’t go to Zillow and look for homes on Maui. And you’re telling them don’t do that dude, like, we have hundred 97 days on market, you have no idea what this means. And so now the VIP for the number one thing that I would do is put people in a VIP list. And I’ll give you the second thing. These are the only two things I would do. The second thing I would do, there was nothing else to do. The second thing I would do is I would start a private Facebook group called Maui real estate by Tom Tezak. That’s all I would do. It’s a private group. Anybody that ever talks to you about real estate on the island, your past clients, your sphere of influence, you know, people that are actively buying and selling with you throw them all in the group, and all you’re doing weekly is saying, Hey, I’m here. Now you’re doing the Tom Tezak lifestyle. Now, hey, I’m here. This broke down, hey, I’m here, new store, hey, I’m here, new property. I’m here. And now that group becomes your like honeypot for everything that happens. So you don’t have to have one off conversations anymore. You keep throwing people in the group and you’re just you’re just

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adding content when something changes or something’s happening. Yep. And then you’re also basically the curator of the site, and then it allows people to engage in interact. Yeah. Yeah. If you’re local on Island, there, there, there, there’s a tendency for them to jump in and say, Hey, this just happened. And then you’re just you create this, this party based

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totally and you’re the and you being the moderator, you’re not selling anything. And so anytime any, like a buyer, someone refers you somebody. So here’s the best thing, Tom, let’s say I refer you a buyer. And you have a conversation with this buyer, you know that the buyer is not coming to Maui tomorrow, you know, there’s like a three to six month process. The first thing you do is you say, hey, Shrran, I want to I want to invite you to two things that I do for my private clients since Kenny referred you first thing is I’d love to get you on my insider VIP list. But the only things that go to my private clients on the happenings on the island, and the inside baseball of real estate is only once a week. Is that cool with you? Of course I’m gonna say yes. The next thing you say is hey, I have a community That is on Facebook. That is everything about my real estate and you there’s no better way to get the insider look, are you cool? If I add you to that Facebook group, you’re done. You never have to nurture that, like, you don’t have to go to anyone else. Because now you’re in their inbox and you’re in their feed for free.

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Free, free is a key word, isn’t it?

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Yeah. And, and everyone is like, Well, I have to create content. Well, you don’t have to create any content. You just have to document what you’re doing.

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Right? Right and exactly you don’t you just need to say hey, look at there’s we’d like yesterday or two days ago, we had a fire on the hillside and I stopped pulled took a video and posted it on my personal page. But how easy is that to say hey, this is what’s going on? Or hey, there’s a new development getting built just posting something simple like that. So that these insiders are saying I’m getting all the up to date information,

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and I’m totally totally well think about it this way. Imagine there was an amazing concept written by this guy called Kevin Kelly, Kevin Can He was the editor of Wired Magazine, one of the most prolific technology publications in the world. And he wrote this concept called the 1000 true fan concept. And I love attribution because it was not my idea, of course. And he said, if you can get 1000 true fans of the Tom Tezak brand who look who basically are like I do whatever Tom says, I go wherever Tom goes, I believe in whatever Tom does, and, and whatever Tom says is kind of the law, right? And in real estate, if you can get a group, a Facebook group that people are joining, because they want to opt into you’re not forcing them to write and see there’s see that group over two years, three years, Tom grew to 3000 people assume one third of them were 1000 true fans, like you don’t have to do any marketing ever in your life again.

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I love that. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  16:50  

You know, it’s it’s so such a great idea. And so you know, what I love about it, it’s so simple and it’s stuff that so many of the agents that are listening right now, they’re out there on Facebook, they’re just And then their wheels. They’re, they’re out there doing these things, but they’re not closing the loop and making it. Yeah. I love the whole idea of VIP and private. Yeah. Now special. And

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yeah, and I’ll give you, I’ll give you an easier give you an easy way on this too. So let’s say so people are like, this is this is I’m taking notes right now. Now go for it. So this is the beef I have with talking heads and gurus who don’t know who actually like talk, but don’t actually do anything like the practitioner thing is really important. Because we live not in the world of the CEO. We live not in the world of the influencer, we live not we live in the world right now of the operator. Whoever figures out how to put the pieces together in today’s world is going to win in 10 years from now, Tom, like, you know, My son, Neil is seven when he 17. There’s going to be AI and stuff like, whatever. That’s cool. I appreciate that. today. It is all about being an operator. And I’ll give you a simple idea. If let’s see Tom, let’s say you have a listing In in Wailea, right, you, you have this listing, you don’t even do anything, you just put the listing up with your with your website, and you say, hey, I’ve got this amazing new listing to Lanza copy, and you put the photo and you put it on, you click boost, just whatever, it’s a very simple, you click boost, and you boost it into the Hawaiian Islands and you boosted into Vancouver because we’re saying that that’s your feeder market. Right? Now what happens is, let me give you the idea here. Now, whoever likes and comments on the page, you actually put it in the in the thing saying, hey, comment below to guess what this home is going to sell for? Right? prizes for the winners. You don’t even have to say anything. I just see prizes for the winners, right? And everyone’s going to start commenting. And so what you do now is after three days of the post with your ad, you go to your comments and your likes and each person, invite them to a private group. That’s how you build your private group because they already interacted with the post. Right. And so you don’t people are like well how do I get strangers into my group? That’s how you do it because they show an interest in now in real estate like that’s how you do and you do that Tom you do that over and over and over and over again.

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And you know what it’s just I’m getting frustrated here listening to you because every week my team and I do a Facebook Live and we got these people that are commenting and it’s just like we’re not doing anything with it we’re just waiting for them to call us and they you know, some of them do but it’s like if we were would bring that space in I love it. Yeah, were you some other opportunities that were touching these people but we’re not bringing them into the the inner circle? Yeah, and there’s there’s only two things really the key isn’t it?

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Yeah, there’s only two things you need Tom. You need to we need to get them on a VIP list for and we get need to get them in a close community. That’s it. There is nothing else because every other ways intrusive.

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Right and you know and the thing about it is for the age For talking to they’re in second home, they’re in beautiful places, ski resorts are in the places that all the buyers want to be. So they’re, they’re tuned in. It’s not like we’re talking about a traditional market where we’re talking about a neighborhood that there’s a, this is like, Hey, this is Maui,

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this is hilldale.

Unknown Speaker  20:16  

This is Aspen or wherever it is, or San Francisco. There’s their people are searching this because they’re they have this dream of being there, not where they’re at. Yeah, so there’s a we already have the bait on the hook. And it just, we just now we just got to reel it in. And that’s what I’m realizing. I’m putting it all out there and people are looking but I’m not reeling them in and putting them in my basket. Exactly right. If he list is so powerful, so simple. That’s the kick in the butt. It’s so simple. It’s so easy. And the funny part Tom is like I have found that so here’s the implementation component.

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Tom Tezak here with Selling the Dream, I just want to say thank you so much for spending a little time with us watching or listening to our show. If you haven’t subscribed Get, please do that. If you could also do us in giant favor, we get better guests, more guests by the exposure we get and our exposure comes from getting your reviews and comments down below. So please take a few seconds, and just let everybody know what you think. I don’t care if you hate me or love me, those reviews really go a long way.

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implementation. So I’ve shared this idea, I shared this idea with a couple people that tell us I share this idea without, you know, several agents that I mentor and you know, you know, many of them, you know, Linda Granger in the Tahoe market, etc. Like I’ve shared these ideas and they’re like, hey, Sean, good idea. How do I build a VIP list? mechanically speaking, right? They’re like, what email software do I use? Where do I put the page? Where do they click where do they link in? You know, how do I actually send out this email like mechanically How to do it? You can’t just say my team figure it out because it teams so which was which was all the feedback that went into building Kingsland. So this is no pitch and this is like a win. When our agents join, we just build the VIP list pages for them, we just build a VIP email to them, we just build it out. So like tomorrow, you go to Kings Lane, you get the machine, like you automatically have this, you don’t have to do anything. And and, and that’s and the funny part time like if you said you just fill out a form saying, send this video to my VIP list with this text go form would come to us, we would build it, we would set it up and we would send it out for you because at the end of the day, you wanted freedom of time and uncapped income potential. You shouldn’t be setting up Active Campaign email marketing, because that’s ridiculous. Like you’re you should be figuring out Zapier. That makes no sense, right? And so I think there is a just if we can if agents can figure out just those two things and then you know what happens down on my last thought on this, when we have singularity of focus on saying, Okay, I have all these interactions. I’m going to drop these people either into my VIP list or my facebook group or both. Everything that You do every day that you wake up, you just set yourself a goal. I need to drop two people into my VIP list today. That is your goal. You know, you know what the old school real estate folks say Tom, they say, oh, how many real estate conversations Did you have today? Who gives a hoot? Kook, I actually had an agent call me for some help on you know, on her business, whatever. And at the end of that conversation, Tom, she asked me this, he says, Hey, Shawn, would you mind if I counted this conversation as one of my conversations for the day? Like, that is the problem these days, right? Like I had my 40 conversations. Well, no one cares about your 40 conversation. If you put two people into your VIP list. And in the Facebook group, you are nurturing them, they’re the only know you because no one else has kept up with that kid. And so it also allows, like, I’m so passionate about this and it also allows the agent so practically, to run it for close to free and just just do what they normally do every single day. So the entire goal every single day. is how to put one to five people into my bed. That is the only goal there is nothing else. Right?

Unknown Speaker  24:04  

I love it. So, so I’m here it’s so Kingston lane that you have the capabilities to build that machine to set up the VIP list and set up the Facebook group and you just so I have a Facebook page already, I have all my stuff, and I just sign up with you guys and you’ll, you’ll create that around me and then and then help me to get it going.

Unknown Speaker  24:23  

Yeah, you shouldn’t have to do anything. We do it all.

Unknown Speaker  24:26  

Okay. I like that. I like when everybody else does everything. And the checks roll in, right?

Unknown Speaker  24:31  

Well, well, it should. And it should because you’d be shocked how much celebrity you get. You’d be shocked because suddenly when someone is a part of the Tom Tezak Maui Real Estate Group and I always tell people always name it, you know, after the city so it’s for example, my friend young Lee Young Lee has Chicago real estate with young young lead. So anybody that’s ever searching for Chicago real estate, that’s what pops

Unknown Speaker  24:57  

the lifestyle real estate team.

Unknown Speaker  25:00  

Exactly right, exactly right. So it has to be there. And why? I’m just a really simple guy. I just want to focus on Hey, what are the things that I can control and not have, you know, not have crappy conversation people, like, people will say things like that people will say things like this. Like we have gurus that teach this. Oh, Tom, have you ever had any thoughts of selling? Like, I’m sorry, that’s a shitty question. Like, you can’t ask that question. Okay. But you know, who teaches that like the people that are telling you to ask the question have never actually asked a consumer that question. And it is like that is this really makes the consumer feel uncomfortable, number one, and number two, I don’t wake up in the morning and say, Oh, yes, I’ve had thoughts of selling and even if I did, I won’t tell you. Right. So there’s a better question which most operators need to know which most coaches and consultants need to know is, hey, we have we just sold this home on 123 Co Op Villani highway. We have 42 people right offers one person got it. We have extra buyers. If we could bring you an offer. For at the price that you would like at the timing that you would like, would there then be any consideration? Now you’re asking me to think on the spot as opposed to put me in an uncomfortable situation?

Unknown Speaker  26:11  

Right? That’s, I agree with you. It’s that question that you have you thought about saying, Get get away away from it, but I love it. Hey, I got I’ve got buyers because and that just I got buyers for your house because that’s another giveaway for me. But when you say, Hey, I just sold this house. I had multiple people interested, we only had one of those yours is similar. Is it something that would you consider if we got you the right price? Now I totally agree that you’re making the consumer say, Oh, they have success. And they’ve got, you know, a pool of buyers and no inventory and I have what they need. And now

Unknown Speaker  26:48  

Yeah, so so here’s the best part. There’s only two ways that answer can go. Number one is Oh yeah, I’d consider that our number two and then not really take me out of here on a pine box either is okay. Oh yeah, yes. Go conversation goes, if you say no, you say, hey, Tom, that’s totally cool. You know what I actually have this insider group, and then VIP list, everything leads to that all road lead all roads lead to the group and the VIP list everything because at some point, everyone wants to feel like an insider.

Unknown Speaker  27:19  

Right? Or they’re gonna or or they’re gonna be dead insider and they may they in fact might be going out of that house in a pine box. But their neighbor might want to sell who they’re talking to everyday over the bushes totally and say, Hey, you need to hook up with this guy. He’s on it like, like crazy. So I think that’s I love the simplicity of it that you know, as I’m aging in this business, and there’s so many shiny objects out there. It’s just, I every day I get calls from somebody wanting this or that it’s like, you know, I don’t want it I’m just done. I want that simple, that simple path to be successful with the least amount of investment and the most amount of risk. Turn. So I love everything you’re saying that. But that’s true. That’s why your do and so successful in what you’re doing. I want to change gears a little bit 5am Club. So that’s what I think one of the first times I ever heard your name was about this guy who does this 5am call and and tell me how that started. What’s what was the?

Unknown Speaker  28:21  

Where did that come from? Yeah, so I’ll tell you this, right. So I think was, I don’t know about you, but I’m, I’m a night owl. I was always. I was always a night owl. And I drew my investment banking investment banker in New York at Goldman Sachs. And for some reason, we got more kudos as to how late you could stay up, then how early you could wake up. So it was like, Oh, yeah, Shawn sent up this proposal at 2am. Like good for Shawn. Right. So I was like, This is amazing. I’m just gonna grind it. And the interesting part time I was you know, we had no kids at that time, etc. And I used to do my best work from 7pm to 1am. I just I ended up and I would I would wake up like I would wake up at 8am whatever. And I was like, Hey, I did a good job I go to bed rested, feel accomplished. And while we were growing tell us tell us 10 x you know, we were tell XM tell us the next five years and I realized that I put everything on the back burner like my relationship with my family, my relationship my wife started really struggled because I was focusing on my work. I was giving my son a bath while looking at my phone. And, and honestly, like, I would actually be the dad who would drive home park the car in the driveway, garage door would open, my son would come running out and I would be on the phone, I would point out and say one minute, one minute, one minute to him right. And he would get so dejected and so disappointed. And I really took my family for granted my my spouse for granted my children for granted my friend for granted. And I also completely thought I was Superman and didn’t consider my health in any way. I said, sure I can just bang through this for a few years. I’ll be okay. Until my health really suffered I it got to the point where I was confined to a hospital bed. And, and no one knew this because if Can you imagine if the principal of a brokerage, you know, someone knew that hey sron sick like it, people were like they just lose confidence in the ability for leadership and whether or not they did it’s irrelevant. I actually conceal the fact that I was in a in a hospital bed I’ve worked from, you know, I just I did a social media you can you can pretend like you’re everywhere. My doctor said to me, he said, Hey, Sean, it’s interesting. Your blood tests look better in the morning than in the evening. Maybe it’s just a physiological thing. Why don’t we try to start waking up earlier and I was like, Okay, how early? He said, Well, you know, try 5am I was like, 5am Are you kidding?

Unknown Speaker  30:47  

That’s what I say. Yes.

Unknown Speaker  30:49  

That’s it. No one is up at five in the morning, you know? And so I so I, I actually picked the three people that I had last texted Tom on my phone. I texted them and I said Hey, so I have this cockamamie idea of waking up at five in the morning, could you just do me a favor for one week, and give me the accountability partner to wake up with the wake up with me, here’s a conference call number that’ll force me to be on before you get on, just get on. I’ll give a message for three to five minutes or whatever, just so I can be coherent. And then you can just get off. You don’t have to say anything, do anything. It’s just my accountability to be with you. And so everyone’s like, Well, great, but what are you going to say to us for like three to five minutes at 5am? And I go, I don’t know. But I’ll make it fun. I’ll make it inspirational. I’ll make it so it’s time for like the first few times I used to prepare like a five minute speech. And then I went on the call the first day and you could hear the the dings right to ding someone joining someone joining some I’m like, okay, three people joined. This is good. accountability for me. I deliver my message I hang up. The next day I woke up. I heard for dings. Well, I go Okay, so somebody else’s friend came on. The next day I woke up, I hurt five things. And by the end of that week, I heard things that I couldn’t keep up With no more like their Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, I just muted all sound like oh, there’s a lot of things here. It just so happened that other people, the three people had shared that with other people to join the call at 5am. So we started off so we do a five minute call at five in the morning, Pacific time every single day, seven days a week. And it’s completely changed my life. I’ve been doing this aeronaut three and a half plus year not so thousand thousand plus calls five minutes at 5am. And so it’s only been going on three and a half years. I

Unknown Speaker  32:29  

thought this was going on for way longer than

Unknown Speaker  32:31  

Yeah, three and a half, four years now. Oh, wow. How powerful so there’s

Unknown Speaker  32:35  

Okay, go ahead. I could Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  32:36  

no, no, no, not the three and a half, four years now. And it’s been it’s five minutes at 5am every single day of the week. And we have so that the three became 30 became 300 became 3000. Today we have 4000 plus people on the call five minutes at 5am pacific time, every single every single week, every single day. Every single day. Amazing. Yeah. And putting holidays every

Unknown Speaker  33:00  

And there’s been people that have taken that to the east coast and Midwest and there, there’s other moderators that are doing what you’re doing in other places.

Unknown Speaker  33:09  

Yeah. So I think I think it kicked off from a real estate perspective where a lot of a lot of agents said, Hey, I want a 5am in my own time zone. So they did a central and an Eastern Time Zone. And I think those are real estate specific on my call, has about 25% of them are agents and the other 75% are straight up entrepreneurs. And they’re all in and by the way, there, I preach, practice what I preach, they’re all in a private Facebook group. So I know and I talked to all of them every single day. But so 75% are roughly entrepreneurs from all walks of life. I have a couple of billionaires on the call, which is very cool. And, and about 25 27% are agents from around the world.

Unknown Speaker  33:47  

I love it. Yeah, that’s always been my challenge because you’re 5am Club right now. It’d be 2am. Yeah, yeah, just there isn’t one of my world and I’ve continued to think, yeah, I should try to take that ball and run with it in my in the The Hawaiian island region. I mean, it’s not a big market. But still, I just think it’s so inspirational. So, what today, if you could share what did you talk about today just to give us or what would we want to your topics that you would do? Just give us that? Two minutes? spieler? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  34:13  

yeah, totally. So, yeah, totally so. So I’ll talk to you about something that was super, a call that I’m gonna actually do in the future. So my I try to make it very personal and storytelling kind of way. So recently, my son is seven years old. My son Neil’s seven, and he’s in summer camp, and he’s been doing this cabin every day he comes home. He says, Dad, I climbed. We did. We did waterpolo. Today we did horseback riding today like really cool adventure camp, right? Like we all want to do that. I did rock climbing today that I pushed myself I pushed myself I did rock climbing did I did. I didn’t do the easy wall. I did the medium wall. Dad. You know what? I actually acted on stage today. And I was like, that’s cool. kneeling, you know. I appreciate that. But then we went to his closing ceremony and the teacher said the camp Like who, in the last two weeks? Raise your hand if you did something you’ve never done before? everybody’s hands went up. He says, How many of you did something that you never thought you could do before? there? Everyone’s hands went up. How many of you did something which was harder than what you did the last time where you did an easy and then a medium where you didn’t have a pony into a bigger horse? everybody’s hands went up. And Tom, she said this, she said, Can you tell me why? And in unison in synchrony. 100 kampar said, because we try hard things. Because we try hard things. And that’s when it clicked for me. I said, Wow, if my son who’s seven is doing this, we need to do better as adults. Every day we go in, we punch in the clock, we do our thing. But we don’t want to do more, be more, give more, create more because we don’t have the DNA of trying hard things. We don’t have to do hard things. We just have to try hard things. And so that that would be that’s how I would wrap a message in for any given day.

Unknown Speaker  36:08  

I love it. And so you’re just take your inspiration out of your daily life. Yeah. And so, you know, what I love about that is is that that’s just that awareness. Right? I always preach to the agents that work with me, as you know what the, the concept of Velcro existed for hundreds and thousands of years, because it was a little bird that stuck to a dog’s fur to an animal shirt. It just wasn’t until the 19 whatever. 50s when somebody looked at that and said, Wow, that there’s something in there. And it’s that awareness of your surroundings and I just, I see that from every time I hear you or talk to you, I get this sense you are so hyper aware of your surroundings and and that you just extract those opportunities and those simple things out of it. And I would imagine that by doing this 5am club or call seven clubs, you are always searching For those things, so yeah, you always Yeah, you were

Unknown Speaker  37:03  

Yeah, you always become aware of if anybody’s interested in, of course, it’s free, right. It’s free. And it’s my it’s my contribution to the world, I’m going to do it for the rest of my life. And so it’s 5am. Club dotnet if anyone’s interested

Unknown Speaker  37:15  

5am Club dotnet. We’ll post that.

Unknown Speaker  37:17  

Yeah. And it’s free. And you know, everybody should do it just to be on the Facebook group. Even if you don’t come on the call, we probably have close to 60 70% average attendance on the call. So I’ll get some more between two to 3000 people every day on the on the call with 4000 registered or plus registered.

Unknown Speaker  37:35  

So So do you go do you call in or do you go to into 5am? club dotnet? Or is there a phone number there that you would then get to?

Unknown Speaker  37:43  

Yeah, so when you register you when you register, you just get a private phone number. It doesn’t have a pin or anything. You just put it in your favorites. You hit a button and you’re automatically on the call at 5am pacific time.

Unknown Speaker  37:53  

5am pacific time. All right, maybe when I when the time changes and we don’t it’ll be only two hours. That means 3am I’m going to listen to you. It’s a

Unknown Speaker  38:01  

it’s all good man in there. There’s also maybe I’ll just stay up late. Maybe that’s right. That would be that would be there. Yeah, you should

Unknown Speaker  38:08  

go to bed early. That’s the idea. That’s it. So are you doing this? Do what happens if you’re not around? Are you doing it every time? I’m doing

Unknown Speaker  38:15  

it, I’m doing it almost every time. But we have a couple of folks that our, I have a few friends moderators, if I’m traveling, or if I’m sick or whatever they’ll jump in. So we have I have a moderator on each of the timezone. So just in case that, you know, I get stuck, I get sick, I’m traveling on a plane, they do it. I have a couple of folks right now that want to really build their speaker platform. So they’ve taken up one or two days of the week, just so they can build their messaging around it. And so they’re so sometimes and every Wednesday I do a guest call every Wednesday just to break up the voice. So the interesting part is you’ll love this. On the on the last week of the year during Christmas, I send out a Google spreadsheet that says here’s open time 52 weeks of Wednesday’s, who wants to be a guest? us who wants a guest spot? And generally, that gets taken in under five minutes?

Unknown Speaker  39:10  

Wow, that’s impressive.

Unknown Speaker  39:12  

Yeah. It’s like instantly

Unknown Speaker  39:14  

unity. And that’s one of the things as well, that I’ve experienced with you, Sean is You’re always so willing to say yes. How can I help you? And you said that early I do this because I want to give back. And I think that as agents, if we’re out there, and if we’re looking at, how can I get what’s good for me, it’s gonna go a lot less and there’s gonna be a lot less positive results and how can I do what’s good for somebody else? And I love that spirit that you provide to us. So one more time to shift gears and then we’re going to close it up. Where’d you come from? Where’s what’s your roots I read and saw you talk about your your family and getting out of where you were at. So share a little bit because you didn’t grow up the American in the American. As many of us that live here are born and raised here. grew up in a different place. And transitioned and you know, I just think that that’s inspirational as well.

Unknown Speaker  40:06  

Yeah, well, thank you I, I’m a really lucky guy I was. So I was born in very everything in my life was very mediocre. I was in a mediocre environment I was in a, we had mediocre wealth I we had mediocre resources. We had mediocre opportunity. I was one of them. I was born in the sea of mediocrity, but I had one thing going for me in India. I was born in India. I just had just the gift of amazing parents like my parents are badass like their bad ass right? They’re badass. Not from and they wouldn’t mind me saying this not from Hey, I made a ton of money perspective from the my parents. You know, they’re they have the biggest hearts out there. They care about the world. My mom is probably you know, if you believe I don’t whatever the she’s probably like Mother Teresa reincarnate. She’s the kindest person. You’ll know. My dad is a, you know, gregarious entrepreneur. And about when I was when I was young I was in India you you don’t get it’s they don’t believe in like a DD ADHD they don’t believe in dyslexia they don’t believe in learning disorder they don’t believe in all that what they say is Tom, you’re dumb, you’re stupid. You’re just you’re just you’re not a regular kid. And it was very hard for me I probably had a lot of those symptoms. And I also was a really small kid I didn’t grow up, I didn’t get my growth spurt for a while, and I got bullied a lot too. And so it was to the point where in school time I would, it took a lot of years of therapy to be able to talk about this, but I would actually walk around campus like probably 15 minute walk to go to a classroom next door, just so I wouldn’t get being just I wouldn’t get beaten. And so I would be like I would run I would actually get out of class. I would run around campus to go to the classroom just so I wouldn’t get bullied and beaten. And I had no courage to come back home and tell my parents that that’s what was happening to me. But I think one day when I was around 1011 years old, my dad figured out something was off. And we were sitting, I’ll never forget, this was sitting on a park bench and my dad has never left India. He said to me, he’s like, Hey, bud, we need to find you a better environment for you to succeed for a better environment for you to thrive. And all I know, since I’ve never been out of the country, it’s not here. So I want to commit to the next six, eight years to figuring out what that place is and how we get you there. And my and I said, Well, what is it like I’m 11 what that doing? I don’t understand. I was like, This is feelings of abandonment. What are you talking about? But But I think that was my first kind of shot at growing up quickly. And Tom, my, my dad said you have to do your part to and I know that academics is not it so I’m not going to put that pressure on you. We need to find another one. skill set a skill set that gets you out of this country. And we were sitting in front of two tennis courts, right? Then he goes, Hey, do you think you could do that? And I said, I don’t know. But I’ll try. And we completely shifted our singularity of focus where tennis became my number one thing I didn’t care about anything else. I just got B minuses in school. And I became pretty good at tennis. Good enough to get like a, you know, just to get a passport out of the country to take it out of the country. My parents sold every single thing. They had everything to give me to get me out of the country. They moved in with their family. And they gave me they gave me in your life and gave me a safety net. They said, Hey, it doesn’t work out, come back. But they gave me one check for school University. And they said, here’s one check for one full year of school. I’m sure you can make the other three years come true. If you really want to stay there. If you can’t come back, and we’ll take care of you. But as soon as I set foot on that plane, that was a last you know, it’s been it’s been over 18 years since I’ve been back to India.

Unknown Speaker  43:57  

Really. So you’ve never gone back.

Unknown Speaker  43:59  

I wonder Once but my parents come now, but it’s just it was a it was not the right. It was a it was a time in my life which I

Unknown Speaker  44:06  

yeah. So you know, it’s just it’s it. I mean, I’m tearing up because it’s just so powerful that it needed we just in such a smaller way I just did a presentation in my office and through adversity comes so much strength and power and being able to harness that adversity and that challenges and that’s what you did. You just said, Okay, we’re going to figure this out and we’re going to make something good of what’s challenging. So what an inspiration, Shawn, I just so much appreciate that, that story. And to finish this out. I can ask you one last question before we take it to the finish line. If you’re talking to a brand new or a newer agent that’s working in this crazy second home market, what would be your one inspiration to them to say how do you do this? We talked about the VIP list in the private but more deep dive in what what can we what can you share with them to give them that inspiration to say, this is what you can do. This is what you need to do whatever that is. Well yeah,

Unknown Speaker  45:07  

totally. So thanks for the kind words the if you’re an agent right now, either you’re doing really well in the market or you’re have a slump or you’re just starting out doesn’t matter where you are in the market. But if you’re serving a second home market, primarily or in any other market, my one thing would be look past the shiny Penny and look for one thing and one thing alone which is cadence. cadence is everything cadence builds, cadence builds a familiarity, which builds a trust. So if that means you’re posting every single day on social media, great, like I’m a big fan of free stuff. Like I love free media. If you’re posting every day on social media, great if you’re, if you are texting your clients every single day, great if you’re sending out an email three times a week, great if you’re posting other people’s properties, great if you’re doing open houses every Saturday because you will and your goal is to do 52 open houses this year. All I would say is whatever you’re doing, pick one or two things and just like use the cadence around it and just cadence will be your friend, you will win only on cadence alone. And you will get so good at that. Because consistency is the mother of mastery, right? It’s everything you cannot learn to do everything else. And so I would say say no to a lot. Pick one or two things that you do become known for that guy become known, like Tom has become known as the go to second home guru, and the advisor to Second Home Agents around the world, which is amazing. And Tom, you carve the brand out for yourself. You showed up every day you created it, you know, a path, and now you’ve built a show around it. Wherever you go to conferences, you make sure you outline that that’s who you are, like you built an identity with that cadence, which is super, super powerful. And I will just tell you, the faster you can build a cadence, the faster the brand gets built around that cadence. So just pick something that you’d love to do. You You don’t have to cold call I just pick something that you love to do and do it over and over again. And you get you’ll start to see success right away.

Unknown Speaker  47:07  

Sean you are an absolute Rockstar Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker  47:11  

Kingston lane calm is that we do and they will get this they will get the secret link the secret link is Ford slash machine that’s where they get all the secret link all the for the T’s act listeners

Unknown Speaker  47:23  

alright secret link love that so Kate or Kingston lane comm forward slash machine ma ch i n e for any of you that don’t spell well out there 5am 5am call everybody is welcome. www dot 5am Club dotnet go and sign up there you’ll get the you get the the secret phone number 5am on the Pacific time that they will that also take them if they’re in the East Coast or central? Will that give them links to the other time zones or is that something totally different?

Unknown Speaker  47:57  

Yeah, it’s just totally different on that. I don’t I don’t know. I think yeah.

Unknown Speaker  48:00  

Yeah, so just for the for the Pacific, there’s plenty of people in the the Pacific Time Zone. And I just want to say thanks so much again. You are amazing. And I look forward to seeing you the next time we cross paths, or everybody out there. Remember, we are not selling real estate. We are selling the dream. Today we had sran service and our hundredth show and I just I couldn’t have had more exciting and exhilarating guests. And thanks so much for your time, Sharran.

Unknown Speaker  48:27  

Tom, thank you so much for having me.